Commitment to true unbiased wealth management

We utilize the strength of our team, with over 20 years of experience, to thoroughly examine, evaluate, guide and maintain our client’s personal and corporate financial well-being to achieve true wealth.

We expertly navigate and advise on the six disciplines of our practice: Taxation Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management Planning, and Cash Flow. As the preferred Advisors to the wealthy, our goal is to make the financial strategies and best practices of the truly wealthy accessible to all Calgarians.

We believe that all families and business owners deserve to know and use the techniques to ensure their own wealth.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

Our level of prestige comes from years of commitment to a paradigm shift in our understanding of how true wealth is earned and kept. Montilla Private Wealth has developed a structured system to explain concepts in such a way that our clients can clearly understand how to rethink financial knowledge that they had held true for most of their lives.


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond your expectations.


Our staff is friendly and always ensures a welcoming, professional experience.


Continued communications and continuous investment updates.


We have a holistic approach to Wealth Management.


Extremely knowledgeable in finance and well versed in personal and corporate taxation.

We Deliver

We take our clients expectations very seriously. We deliver what we promise, plain and simple.

Our Services

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Frederick Montilla <small>EPC</small>
Investment Advisor

Frederick Montilla EPC

Fernando Cala <small>MBA</small>
Associate Investment Advisor

Fernando Cala MBA

Christine Matic
Executive Assistant

Christine Matic


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